Baahn - An Adventure - Map Included

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Baahn - An Adventure - Map Included

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This is my story, have fun with it!
The spring air was fresh, the sun was dim. It was the perfect time for Aseha to go hunting with her raptor, she loved the that Korr's tail swept threw the air, today he was even more merry, because they where on the trail of a dragonhawk. Korr followed the scent of the beast as far as possible then lost it in a large clearing. Aseha knew this place, she knew they had already gone to far from Raaven, just as she turned back, she saw the dragonhawk gliding away. She took her bow, let her aim be true, and let go of the oak arrow with elegance, hitting the creature with intensity, they had done well, she prayed to the Titans it was enough.
Shani greeted Aseha with the usual. "Did you and Korr catch anything today?"
"We got 'some', but it won't be enough for the whole week, it'll keep us away from Dav, but not for long. You might be able to give your body to men you don't know for a living, but I would never do it"
"Well, I wish you and Korr keep getting lucky, at least just 'till summer, then Kyre will be back from Reepa, you know we want to start a life together, maybe even have some kids, we just have to have a good start"
"I know, them way you two look at one another is admirable sister, I wish I could look at a man the same way. Well, me and Korr are headed to town, just see whats going on"
"Be back soon, I'll cook some of that drag meat you got"
"Alright" Aseha said, "I'll be back before dark"
As Aseha tied Korr up against the poll, she strode into the town center and found a small group of people greeting a man dressed in a deep maroon coat. She then stopped at Damon leather working shop and asked who the man was, she knew he was a member of the Korith'Tor, the philosipher's and scholar society based in Shapr, but it was unclear why he would have got off the the ferry at Xyn, odd that he was not going to Reepa. After a short talk Damon's wife told her he had come to make sure that Raaven was safe from a new strand of disease being spread in the small farming areas, she took it as a reasonable claim and carried on.
As she stepped out of the shop she was met by a grim face, Dav.
"Hello, Aseha"
"Dav", Aseha said in a unhearted tone
"People tell me that the visitor from Shapr is a single man, care to make a bit of money, say 15 verts?"
"When was the last time I worked for a draghawk-*ss like you, oh now I remember, never!"
"There is always a new time for everything Aseha, even in my line of work", Dav spoke with a sly smile before he carried on, "And what about Shani, she showed some interest as a whore, if you wish to call it that"
"You know what Dav, she was confused, our brother had died, we where out of money, she needed food. She only worked for you for three weeks, then she was swept off her if I was you, I would stay away, Kyre is coming back soon, he'll be staying with us, and last time you two met I don't think it was a very kind engagement, in fact, didn't he almost run you out of town?", Aseha took a step to the left, then Dav grabbed he arm, he had just made a bad move.
"Dnelk you drag-*ss!!!", Aseha punched Dav in the abdomen, he didn't see it coming and fell to the ground, hard.
"Ohhh, you just made the wrong move Aseha!"
Aseha kicked Dav in the thigh and walked slowly to Korr, she knew that she hadn't seen the last of Dav, and next time there was a bet he wouldn't be alone. She jumped on Korr and head for home.
Weeks past, Shani and Aseha started to plant to vegtables. Thier source of dragonhawks was growing thin, they needed food. It was almost spring, that meant that the traders would be coming to all the cities from Xyn to Assisoro, that meant they would be able to trade, they just needed more things to barter with. Aseha decided to heard out once more with Korr, hoping for the good hunt to finish off the winter season. This time Aseha choose a different route, instead of following the road toward Xyn then cutting off to her hunting spot she went east through Raaven and then cut south.
While her and Korr where riding she was blinded by something, she couldn't tell what it was, so they road a bit more then turned around, what she saw was odd.
'Now, now what do we have here?' Aseha thought to herself.
It was a small piece of metal, covered up by the chalky red dirt, it looked to be a handle of sorts, so she opened it up. Almost at once the smell of preserved meat hit the air, Korr's tail was swaying furiously, they must have come upon a hidden meat locker. This was good, it was great, there mut have been over 400 quals of drag-meat in this locker, that would be enough to get the new clothes Shani wanted, and the new saddle that could be bartered for from the traders, this was awesome, it was amazing! Aseha took a moment to pray to the Titans before taking some of the meat.
Aseha came blasting through the village, almost hitting a small boy.
Damon yelled, "Whats the hurry Aseha?!?"
"Can't talk Damon, gotta go!"
When she reached home she saw something that made her heart beast three times faster, but not in a good way, it was a raptor, it looked like Dav's. This was bad. She turned around and took Korr behind the the house, un-saddled, and grabbed her bow. She slowly went through the house in a careful way, she didn't want to be the one with the arrow in her heart, that one was meant for Dav. She didn't see anyone on the bottom floor, so whoever was her, was either still outside, or in Shani and Aseha's room. She heard someone, Shani, she was making a very odd, sound she sounded in pain. This was it, the moment of truth, she better make sure she hit the person in that room, not Shani. Aseha blasted through the room with her bow aimed...
"Aseha, what a nice suprise"
It was Kyre and Shani, in the bed together, she couldn't believe it.
"Yeah, same here Kyre,*Slight cough, roughness in Aseha's voice* Shani, how many times do I have to tell you, when you and Kyre are going to do that, please, do it in the barn, ok?"
"Aseha, comon! He made enough money to come back to from Reepa early, and this was kind aour way of celebrating"
"Yeah, well...I celebrate when you to are making a child, comon! I'm gonna go on a walk, put this meat away, meet me dowstairs in half an hour"
"Ok, ok!", Shani yelled before going back to Kyre.
As Aseha went down stairs she thought about what had happened today, she saw that it was many great things, all by the work of the Titans, she was just stumbling over one piece of information, why would anyone want to store that much dragon-hawk meat in the middle of nowhere underground? She thought maybe about someone keeping it stockpiled there for a nice trading spot, then a thought came to mind. What if the disease that the Korith'Tor agent came to inspect, if someone was to keep the meat preserved long enough for the disease to pass, then they could have a hue feast after a time of famine, but still, it seemed that only the philosipher knew of the disease, who else in Raaven could have guessed the exact time to do such a thing. Her thoughts were interupped by the sound of Shani's voice.
"So what did you so 'urgently' need to speak with me about??"
"It's about my hunt today.."
"Your hunt Aseha? You kept me away from half and hour more of perfect pleasure for some ranger's journal that you have been writing?"
"As I was saying, I got 400 quals of drag-meat, just thought you might want to know...."
"Yeah, I kinda thought you may want to know"
A new voice broke into the excitement.
"What'd ya get?"
"Only 400 quals or meat, give 'r take a couple"
"Hahaha, are you serious?"
"Not a word of a lie Kyre"
"I know, Kyre isn't this just great?"
"Oh, Shani, it's much better than that.."
Kyre picked up Shani, put her in his arms and they started to kiss each other, at least thats what it started as, then Shani put her hand somewhere where it shouldn't have gone.
"Uhhh, Shani, so uhhhh......good..."
"Hehee" Shani giggled.
"Hey! Hey! Hey! Thats enough of that, ok?!?!"
"Hmm, we where just having a bit of fun Aseha, gosh, you really must get a man as good as Ky....."
"Hey! I said enough...."
"Fine" Shani said "Didn't mean to make you all stressed or what not"
Aseha, Kyre and Shani sat down at the rough oak table that they're brother made.
"I just wanted to ask Kyre, where did he get enough money to have a new raptor, I mean I thought you and Durotan were pretty, attached?"
Kyre was confused, "What are you talking about, I left Duro over at my mother's, I walked here, I could never seperate myself from..."
They heard running outside the house, it was a man, they all heard him, he was panting hard, Aseha ran to the window, she saw a man in a dark cover running for his raptor, it was the black raptor, he hopped on and rode away with speed, but before he left, Aseha saw something, it wasn't Dav, but she got a quick look at a deep, maroon colored coat.
Questions started to rise on this new visitor, she was sure they would see him, they all three hopped on Durotan and Korr, and headed strait for Raaven
End of chapter one
Hey here's the map link
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