The Last Bargain

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The Last Bargain

Post  EmbryH on Fri Feb 15, 2008 11:17 am

Well, yes, I know some (or one) of you guys may have already read this story before, but heck, a new place and new readers, right?

The Last Bargain

The train was coming. Without any further hesitations, I grabbed hold of the slick support beam and slid down from the raised tracks to the city street below. The train passed overhead just as my boots hit the wet concrete of the sidewalk, the clatter of the machine's gears masking the sound of my arrival.

Ducking behind the beam, I watched as an elderly couple passed by, both huddled closely together underneath their large, black umbrella. I remember envying them both, their futures safe and secure. They were going to go to a warm, dry home, and after reading the paper or a book, they would both go quietly to bed. Such simple, peaceful lives they led, lives they were meant to lead. It could not be the same for me.

The couple reached the curb, and after hailing a cab, they filed into the yellow car and drove from sight. I checked the street now. It was empty. I slipped back onto the sidewalk, hugging the shadows close to the building. The black hood on my head was drenched, and every few seconds, a drop of water would fall from the rim, slipping down over my face.

With one last glance at the street, I ducked into a nearby alley way. I remember the way that my palms were sweating, despite the pressing cold and chill of the rain. The streetlight above my head flickered and died, taking away any comfort its glow might have offered. It could only be an ominous foreshadow of what would come.

I strained my ears, trying to hear anything through the dark and the rain. Nothing met my ears except the sound of water against pavement. Still, in those times, when my new existence had yet to begin, I wonder how I could have heard anything at all. Even now, I'm amazed at how dull my senses were then. Still, in that moment, I perceived nothing in the night.

Firmly deciding that the darkness held no danger, I continued on my journey. The alley was narrow, its grimy brick walls slick from the downpour. The dampness was getting to me. I stifled a cough, determined to keep as quiet as possible. I wasn't sure who or what would be listening.

I don't remember how long or far I traveled, but I know that my journey took up more than half the night. At length, I found myself at the back door of an abandoned factory. most of the windows had been boarded up, those that hadn't had long been broken, the shattered glass shimmering in the moonlight. This was my destination. This was where I was told to be.

I stood just out of reach of the faint glow from a nearby streetlight. Slowly, I raised my hands above my head, the sleeves of my hoodie sticking to my arms from the wet. I waited like this for a minute or two, never moving an inch. They would be here soon. They were testing me, but they wouldn't be able to resit much longer.

Unfortunately, I was right.

From the depths of some unseen abyss, two black masses arose and hit me like a freight train. The creatures swirled around me, eventually grabbing my arms and twisting them painfully behind my back. I didn't resit. One of the beasts hit me in my gut. I doubled over, grinding my teeth against the pain, but still, I didn't fight back. After a few more endless minutes of abuse, they decided I'd had enough, and bound my hands, slipping a black cloth over my eyes.

It took every ounce of my willpower not to shrink away from the foul beasts that held me. The fact that I knew their true nature, and that I knew the fate that I was walking into, made it difficult. Still, I thought of why I was doing it, and forced myself not to resist.

After a moment, we started to move forward. The three of us walked towards some unknown destination, the lithe yet unnatural movements of my captors guiding my every step. I was aware of entering a building, perhaps the abandoned factory. It smelled dank and moldy, a draft chilling the rainwater against my skin. I was led through empty hallways and corridors, weaving deeper and deeper into the unknown labyrinth.

Finally, we paused for a moment, and I heard a door open, its protests coming in loud creaks and scrapes, shattering the muffled silence for a moment. As the door rested back on its hinges, the smell of mold intensified to the point that it made me want to gag. I could hear water slowly dripping from a leak somewhere. I shiver ran down my spine.

At this point, one of my captors took the lead, and the three of us descended down a narrow staircase. The wood beneath my boots felt soft, as if rotting. At one point, a step creaked warningly, my weight being too much for it to hold much longer. After completely descending the stairs, I noticed how the floor changed beneath my feet. I heard the distinct scuffle of shoe on smooth concrete.

It was here that we stopped. One captor was on each of my arms, holding me in place. They knew they would have no resistance from me, but still they hoped for the excuse to kill me then. Perhaps they would have, had their master not been in the room. I could sense him standing a few feet in front of me, a mysterious figure impossible to picture, even though I knew his face. At an unseen signal or nod from the person before me, my bonds were cut, and the blindfold was roughly jerked away from my face. The guards took two steps back while I quickly scanned the room.

It was a basement of some sort. It was a small room, old brick for walls, and floorboards for a ceiling. There was a cellar window to the corner, though it had been boarded up. Towards the back of the room, only about six feet away from me, was an old wooden table which stood empty and forlorn, the light of the single ceiling lamp barley reaching it. And there, standing only three feet before me, was Vahn.

As always, he looked like the picture of youth and perfection. His thick brown curls still reflected the Greek hairstyle he'd worn before he'd died. His skin was flawless and smooth, not a single blemish to tarnish his youthful face. A pleasant, closed mouth smile was spread across his lips. He would have actually looked friendly were it not for his eyes.

Like all the eyes of his kind, they were black and cold. They showed his true nature to all that would look at him. Evil eyes set in such a kind, youthful face gave him a kind of dark, handsome look that would cause people to shudder at his gaze. I returned that gaze with a glare.

The creature before me spread his arms in greetings, the sleeves of his black jacket rustling slightly. "Jonas, you've decided to visit us after all. Dear Constance has been waiting for you." His voice was smooth and friendly. It made me boil with rage.

"Where is she?" I snarled, taking a threatening step forward before I could think to stop myself. Instantly, the guards jumped me and jerked me back to where I had stood, each of them being as rough as possible.

"Tsk, tsk," Vahn chided, shaking his head mockingly, "You must be more careful than that, Jonas, lest you forget our nature."

"Not likely," I retorted, "I have come, as I said I would. Now where's Connie?" I demanded again.

Vahn grinned widely, his pearly white fangs gleaming, "Why, have you no eyes, Jonas? She's been here all this time." With one fluid motion, he raised his right hand and flicked his wrist, twisting it slightly to one side.

There was a movement out of the corner of my eye. On the table, it was as if a blanket had been drawn back, for Connie's sleeping form was revealed.

The girl was sleeping peacefully, her auburn curls hanging loosely around her neck. The skirt of her cool green sun dress was spread gracefully around her legs, and her chest rose and fell softly. Her face was perfectly peaceful.

Connie's sudden appearance made my heart stop for a moment. I clenched my fists, "Well, I'm here, so let her go."

Vahn spread his evil grin further, "You haven't completely full-filled your half of the bargain yet, Jonas. Remember, we can't force you. It must be voluntary. You haven't completed the transaction yet."

"Nor will I, not until she is free!" I said fiercely.

Vahn shrugged, "Very well. I know you're not fool enough to go back on your word with me." Vahn raised his right hand and began to trace the outline of a rune in the air.

"Wait," I said quickly, "How do I know she'll be safe?"

Vahn paused for a moment, then answered smoothly, "You'll just have to trust me, won't you?"

"Swear," I demanded, "Swear it on all things silver!"

For an instant, I saw Vahn shudder, but his composure returned immediately. "Very well," he said, his voice suddenly without its cool charm, "By all things silver, I swear that no harm shall befall Constance."

I gave a curt nod.

Once again, Vahn traced the rune in midair, this time waving it over Connie's body. With a final invisible mark from the beast, Connie's form slowly began to fade away.

"By silver, I swear she will awaken in her dwelling, none the wiser." He glanced at me for a moment. "I wonder at why you did not wish to bid her farewell. Not that it matters to me, but you're much more the sentimental type. Otherwise, you wouldn't even be here."

"It's because I'm going to see her again as soon as this is over."

Vahn smiled, "Such naivety. And how do you know I'll raise your corpse after I kill you?"

Now it was I that smiled, because, even though I hated Vahn more than anything, I knew him better than anyone. "Because you still want me alive."

"Ah," Vahn paused for a moment, his voice regaining its sense of leisure, "How true, Jonas. It wouldn't be enough just to watch you die. No, you must endure more than that before I am satisfied." His black eyes were boring into me, filled with hunger. "Now full-fill your half of our bargain."

At this, the two guards finally released me. I took a breath and stepped forward before the creature, kneeling one knee on the cold concrete. "Just one thing, Vahn," I said, "Why? Why do you want
my blood so badly? Why have you sought me for so long?"

Vahn's eyes became alight with pleasure, "Because, Jonas," He hissed, "by your blood, I live!"

Suddenly, he grabbed the top of my black hair and jerked my head to the side. In the same fluid movement, he plunged his fangs into my throat. An incredible pain swept through me. My other leg buckled, and my body seized itself. I can't remember if I cried out.

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Re: The Last Bargain

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lol. Ill read this if you want me to Very Happy but i have to be summoned first Smile
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